Norway Day 5

This morning I woke up in Sandé, Norway to rainy skies. I threw on some warm clothes, grabbed a bowl of cereal, and headed into the van for another day.

Today the plan was to go for a hike near a huge nearby lake, and as we drove through the scenery of first, ocean side roads, and later winding mountain streets, I was happy to see the downpour subside to a drizzle.


20 minutes into the drive, the main street gave way to a few smaller ones, and a little village came into sight. The view of an art gallery, rail road tracks, a quiet corner of the lake, and a grocery store called “Medisinutsalg”, displaying a sign advertising itself as Norways oldest grocery store, compelled us to pull over.


We bought a bunch of Norwegian candies in Medisinutsalg, which apparently was established in 1868. After, we explored the little galleries (Iman bought a pretty pair of earrings), and went for a quick walk around the lake before continuing on our way.

IMG_7470-2.JPG IMG_7471.JPG

As we drove out of the town, the small paved roads gave way to small dirt roads, which gave way to even smaller dirt roads which curved steeply through a mountain pasture lined with cows.


The lack of guard rails combined with the cliffs on the left of the narrow road left me slightly uneasy, and by the time we pulled
into a small grassy lot, barely distinguishable from the wilderness around it, I was ready to be done with the drive.

The hike was absolutely stunning, beginning on a dirt road that steadily narrowed, and continuing along open cliff side rocks lined with bright purple heather. By the time we summated, I was excited to sign the guest book, add a rock to the pile at the top, enjoy the view, and eat my picnic.

IMG_7475.JPG IMG_7472.JPG

The walk home was slightly less enjoyable, involving significant more rain and a significant increase in the kilometers traveled. When we finally reached the car we were all tired and hungry. Still, my dad insisted that we took a pit stop at a nearby lake, and while I was a bit resistant to swim in the less than ideal weather, the lake was beautiful, empty, and calm, and I didn’t regret it.

IMG_7477.JPG  IMG_7476.JPG

Still, when we finally arrived home, was pretty ready for our dinner of homemade fajitas (recipe coming soon??)

Thanks for reading, and if you’re feeling it you can check out my vids of our trip too 😉


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