What I Eat in a Day/ General Updates

General Updates: If you are reading this, we would first like to say a big thank you for sticking around, as we know it has been SO long! While we know it’s been a long absence, we have some really exciting ideas for the future, including a trip to Norway we’re leaving for this friday. We will be blogging as well as hopefully making daily vlogs of the trip (which we may or may not publish stay tuned). Anyways, while it’s been a while we’re happy to be back and thanks for reading!

What I eat in a Day: This summer, I’ve found myself leaning more and more into a pattern of pizza and ice cream, and while, to be completely honest, I can’t find much to complain about in this diet, it slightly conflicts with my desire to go to the beach every day. As a result, I’ve been making a much bigger effort to find healthy yet delicious meals, and these are some of my go-to’s.



For breakfast, most days I honestly just have fruit, as I’m usually not super hungry super early in the morning and also whats not to love about fresh fruit that tastes like candy but is actually healthy for you? Contrary to what the above photo suggests (lol sorry about that), this morning I had 2 plums, some cherries, and some blueberries.



I don’t exactly have a go-to lunch recipe, as I like to switch it up most days. However, recently I’ve been obsessed with this pasta salad recipe I kinda accidentally invented when experimenting with flavors a few weeks ago. The recipe includes:
Whole grain penne pasta
Topped with…
Fresh herbs
And a simple vinaigrette of…
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (give or take depending on preference, I use a little more)
1/2 cup olive oil
1 spoonful honey
1 squeezed lemon



I try to get out in the fresh air whenever possible, and with the beautiful summer weather, that often means a picnic. Today, Iman and I ate on the beach of a local lake and if you’d like to see what we had, then look at the VIDEO!!! that I made about it.

This entire post was also made in video form and if you could hit that up it would be much appreciated :)) Thanks for reading and stick around for more. Much love (and even more love if you hit up the links below)

-Iman and Chloe

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Springtime Salad

DSC_0011 (1)

Happy Hump Day!

Continuing on the trend of healthy food ideas–with summer approaching, one of my goals has been to cut down on excessive carbs and sugars.

Every body is a bikini body! However, eating clean has plenty of health benefits. I find that when I eat clean, my body feels fitter, faster, and I have more energy overall. Not only this, but eating well makes me feel confident and translates into positive energy.

Not gonna lie… Salads don’t generally excite me. I don’t “naturally” gravitate towards lettuce. However, this simple salad recipe incorporates crunch, color, and a touch of sweetness, making salad a joy (not a job) to eat.

I didn’t do any grocery shopping prior to creating this simple, springtime meal–all I had to do was take a look in the fridge. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be a hassle! Give this guilt free meal a try, it will only take 10 minutes of your time.

Simple, Springtime Salad

Time: 5 minutes

-1/2 heart of romaine, chopped (ribbon cuts)

-1/4 of a green apple, sliced

-3 baby carrots, chopped

-1 strawberry, sliced

-handful of halved, roasted pecans

Wash and dry all ingredients before chopping. Arrange bed of lettuce and top with apple, carrot, strawberry, and roasted pecans.

Unfortunately, when making my salad, I did not have pecans on hand. However, they are a great addition for protein, crunch, and nutty flavor. I suggest popping the raw nuts in the oven for a couple minutes–it brings them to a whole new level.

Pro Tip: Squeeze a lemon over your apple slices. The acid from the lemon keeps the apple from going brown and adds a nice tang!

Fresh Raspberry and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Time: 2 minutes

-1 tablespoon of fresh, mashed raspberries

-1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

-2 tablespoons EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

-crack of black pepper

This is my favorite salad dressing of all time, I swear by it. I promise that soon you will too.

Whisk ingredients together, that’s all it takes! If the dressing separates, give it a quick stir and you’re good. The fresh raspberries add natural sweetness, no sugar added.


Cinnamon-Agave Apple Slices

Time: 2 minutes

-1/2 thinly-sliced green apple (use remaining apple from salad)

-squeeze of lemon juice

-drizzle of raw agave nectar

-sprinkle of cinnamon

Healthy dessert? This recipe is pretty self-explanatory. Simply arrange your apples, add a squeeze of citrus, drizzle with agave, and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Pro Tip: Pop these suckers in the microwave for 30 seconds for a “crustless apple pie” like treat.


Lastly, if you’re craving a soda, give this alternative a try:

Pomegranate Fruit Fizz

Before we get started–yes, this recipe contains added sugar. However, this is a good lower sugar alternative to many sodas, sugary fruit juices, and cocktails. When I’m craving a sweet drink, this is what I turn to.

Time: 1 minute

-1 cup sparkling water

-3 pumps Monin Premium Gourmet Syrup (pomegranate flavor)

-a few cubes of ice

Mix this fizzy drink together and toast to healthy eating!

To Note: You can find Monin syrups online in a variety of flavors. One bottle will last you months, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Now go on and feel good today!

See you Sunday!


Iman & Chloe

Healthy Breakfast Ideas



First things first, we have a very exciting announcement to make. Over the past week, we’ve been working on our first ever collab with 2 amazing girls, and the product is finally here. In their post, they talk all about summer essentials, so if your looking for some activities/products to go along with your breakfast ideas, make sure to head over there.

Summer Essentials: https://letsjusttalkabouteverything.wordpress.com

To launch right into the post, I agree wholeheartedly with the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating healthy and staying fit is something that is incredibly important to both of us, and eating a good breakfast is such an great way to start the day off. I’ve found that if I start feeling healthy and happy about what I’m putting into my body, the day tends to follow in this healthy and happy direction, and I minimize my snacking habits, as well as cravings for junk food.

That being said, we all live very busy lives, and take it from someone who literally wakes up at the last possible second, it’s not always easy to cook something nutritious in the 5 minutes between when you get out of bed and have to run out the door. Don’t worry though, we got you.

Recipe #1: Yogurt Bowl
Yogurt of choice (I usually go with plain, but you really can’t go wrong)
Toppings of choice, of which mine are:
Chia Seeds
Almond slices
Coconut chips
Agave, honey, or maple syrup drizzle
Fruit of choice

Now you’re probably thinking that you already know what yogurt is, and that this isn’t the most original, nor helpful idea. However, while I’m sure you’ve had yogurt, and you probably even have yogurt bowls from time to time, I doubt that you’ve experienced this particular combination of toppings on your yogurt bowl. This is such a huge personal favorite of mine (like I have it every other day favorite of mine) and if you decide to make this and experience the magic for yourself, make sure to let us know what you thought.





Recipe #2: Overnight Oats
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup coconut milk
Fresh fruit toppings
Drizzle of natural sweetener (agave, honey, or maple syrup)
1 tsp chia seeds (opt.)
Almond slices (opt.)
Coconut chips (opt.)

Pour oats and coconut milk (almond, soy, or even normal work as well) into a small mason jar.
Sprinkle chia seeds, sliced almonds, coconut chips, or whatever else your heart desires into mason jar.
Seal, and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning, put fresh fruit over oats, sprinkle with natural sweetener of choice, and enjoy 🙂

Remember a few paragraphs back when I said I eat yogurt bowls every other morning? Well, allow me to present you with the other 50% of the time. Overnight oats have been all over social media for some time, but honestly, I never really got the hype about cold oatmeal in a jar until a few weeks ago. However, in an adventurous moment and an effort to improve my diet, I gave the oats a shot. The addiction was instant. This breakfast is super healthy yet filling, and made for people who hate getting up as much as I do. I’m the first one to say that the idea of “cold oatmeal” doesn’t sound appealing, but I promise, the reality is.



Thanks so much for reading, and if you try and like any of these breakfast ideas, make sure to comment and let us know which ones. We had such a great time with this collab, and are always looking for more collab opportunities if anyone is interested. And of course, if you haven’t made it to our friends post, it’s really a can’t miss, as is the rest of their blog.

Letsjusttalkabouteverything: https://letsjusttalkabouteverything.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/summer-guideessentialsthings-to-do/

Latest Post: https://imanandchloe.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/new-york-city-look-book/

Hope to see you saturday! Cheers

-Iman & Chloe